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Our Housing Resource Guide
NH's Workforce Housing Law

What Does the Workforce Housing Law Mean? 

The law in simple terms.

Workforce Housing Statute (NH RSA 674: 58-61) 

State of NH General Court, Title LXIV Planning and Zoning, Chapter 674, Local Land Use Planning and Regulatory Powers, Master Plan Section 674. Scroll down to section 58-61.

NH Municipalities by Metro and Non-Metro County Areas  

NH Municipalities by HUD Fair Market Rent Area.

Progress In Workforce Housing  

A report on the progress made in several NH municipalities immediately following the implementation of the New Hampshire Workforce Housing Law in 2008. 

Other WHC Event Reports

Portsmouth Housing Expo 2017

Kol Peterson: An ADU for You

Kol Peterson, ADU expert and author of Backdoor Revolution: The Definitive Guide to ADU Development, visited NH in the fall of 2018. Peterson, who has helped to catalyze the exponential growth of ADUs in Portland over the last decade through ADU advocacy, education, consulting, policy work, and entrepreneurship, discussed the process of designing and building an ADU, as well as considerations such as costs, financing, permitting, rental models, and more. 


This event was hosted in partnership with Portsmouth Smart Growth for the 21st Century (PS21) and the NH Housing Finance Authority. 

Opening the Door:

Faces of Portsmouth Housing

By Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, Portsmouth City Councilor

"Opening the Door: Faces of Portsmouth Housing" is a series of profiles of individuals affected by the shortage of affordable and workforce housing in Portsmouth. These profiles should help to answer the question, who is workforce housing?

"Opening the Door: Faces of Portsmouth Housing" originally ran in Seacoast Sunday during the summer of 2017. 

Other Resources

NH Housing's Useful Housing Terms

Housing Solutions Handbook

NH's Accessory Dwelling Unit Law


ADU Guide for Municipalities

A guide for municipalities covering Accessory Dwelling Units and the ADU law. 

ADU Guide for Homeowners

Housing Development and School Enrollment

What is Workforce Housing?

A Comic Book illustrating what workforce housing is and who it serves. 

You Don't Have to Live Here

A guide for changing the housing conversation

Meeting the Workforce Housing Challenge

A Guidebook for New Hampshire Municipalities